January 25, 2017

25 -27 Jan Weather

25 – 27  January  (Wednesday-Friday)

Starting from the Wednesday evening we’re expeting snow mixed with rain showers at higher altitudes.

However, this is neither a heavy snow nor the degrees will go under freezing level. So, we’re not expecting a big struggle caused by the weather.

After late hours of Wednesday, dry weather after long hours can end with local heavy snow. The most heavy snow showers are expected in the early hours of Thursday till mid-Friday.

We’re not expecting any snow for the weekend.

The weather will go under freezing levels on Thursday and Friday, this may create problem with the roads and traffic. We recommend you to use public transportation.

Due to weather air operations can slow down but we don’t expect a big problem or mass cancellations.
Istanbul- Izmir and Istanbul – Ankara highways can be affected by the snow. If you need to drive between these cities please be cautious and drive safe.

Translated by: Lampa
Source : HavaDelisi®

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